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The most advanced flytying vice in the world is now in stock
The Pro-Vice

Salmon pattern tied by; Charlie Chute

The Pro-Vice
Take your flytying skills to the next level...

Pattern tied by; Dave McNeese

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The Pro-Vice is produced to the highest standard available with modern 5 axis CNC manufacturing.
Made from military spec. alloys, vinyl and hardened steel with a Cerakote™ firearms finish. Beautiful yet very tough.
A vice for a lifetime…

Tie at any angle with any size hook from #32 to a huge salmon hook. Unbelievable grip with ultra smooth movements.

This is the world's best flytying vice. Tie any pattern with any hook, at any angle, with ease.

What’s in the box !

The Pro-Vice comes supplied with;


The Pro-Vice (Jaws unit and stem, 1.990 kg)

Solid Military Grade Alloy Base - 1.580 kg

Military Grade Alloy, Wide Jaw Tabletop Clamp Attachment - .345 grams

Stainless Swing Bobbin Arm & Stem Holder - .65 grams

Allen Keys - 3mm, 4mm & 5mm

Protective Jaws Hood

The stem is standard width enabling fitting for other 3rd party attachments.


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Sold out !

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